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Are Genetically Engineered (GE) Food Labels Actually
Regulated? - Mar. 16th, 2016

Are the consumer labels which describe Genetically Engineered (GE) foods
actually regulated? Well, yes ... and no.
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U.S. Is Not A Democracy, Finds Major Political Study -
Mar. 28th, 2016

'If [U.S.] policymaking is dominated by a small number of affluent Americans
... then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously
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Two-Thirds Of U.S. Corporations Pay No Federal
Income Tax, Says Report - Apr. 14th, 2016

'In each year from 2006 to 2012, at least two-thirds of all active corporations
had no federal income tax liability,' declares the GAO.
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Harsh U.S. Immigration Laws ‘Deserve...
Reconsideration,’ Says Rights Group - Apr. 30th, 2016

'Twenty years of unjust detention, deportation, and family separation is 20
years too much,' says a leader of
Human Rights Watch.
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In U.S., Life Expectancy For Poor White Women
Decreasing  - May 15th, 2016

Why are America's poorly-educated white women dying at a younger age
than they had in the past?
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Over-Prescription Of Opioid Painkillers Hurts
Middle-Aged White Women - May 18th, 2016

We uncover the factors behind an alarming increase in opioid prescriptions
for poorly educated, middle-aged white women.
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Congress May Simplify Freedom Of Information Act
Process - May 30th, 2016

Congress may soon expand the ability of the public to discover what U.S.
government officials are doing in the name of the American people.
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Senators Working To Give FBI Sweeping New Spy
Powers - June 18th, 2016

Congress is quietly considering 'legislation that would empower the FBI to
obtain your Internet records without a warrant,' declares Human Rights Watch.
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U.S. Election Report Card Released By GAO - June 30th,

It seems only right to offer this one-of-a-kind 'U.S. Election report card' during
an election year, and over the 4th of July weekend.
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How Damning Is Britain’s Iraq War Inquiry Report? - July
18th, 2016

The WMD-related case which served as the basis for the 2003 invasion was
'not justified,' Britain's inquiry report has declared.
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US Candidates Choice Between ‘Cholera Or
Gonorrhea’, Says WikiLeaks Founder - July 28th, 2016

'You're asking me, do I prefer cholera or gonorrhea?' Julian Assange
declared during an discussion with reporters.
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Who’s Buying Hillary Clinton? - Aug. 16th. 2016

Large individual contributions make up nearly 70% of Clinton's presidential
campaign funds, according to recent FEC data.
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Who’s Buying Donald Trump? - Aug. 19th. 2016

Trump's leading donors include those with ties to Bank of America, Sotheby's
and the U.S. government.
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Federal Data On Sexual Violence Unclear And
Inconsistent - Aug. 26th, 2016

The feds collect data on sexual violence, but 'differences across the data
collection efforts...lead to varying estimates of sexual violence,' says the GAO.
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Why Government Spying Is Inherently Bad - Sept. 8th, 2016

A federal court once hinted that the U.S. government's surveillance
procedures were 'deficient on statutory and constitutional grounds.'
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U.S. House Smear Campaign of Edward Snowden
Nothing New - Sept. 24th, 2016

Lawmakers have released such 'reports' before - only for the public to later
discover they’re nothing more than a series of baseless smear campaigns ...
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FDA Public Health Data ‘At An Unnecessary Risk Of
- Sept. 30th, 2016

FDA Public Health Data is 'at an elevated and unnecessary risk of
unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, and loss,' stated a GAO
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