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Perhaps on at least
this point, there's a
method to bin
Laden's madness
after all.
The American Spark
Is Bin Laden Working to Keep U.S. Troops In Iraq?

By Cliff Montgomery - Sept. 13th, 2007

Whatever his reasons, Osama bin Laden has clearly developed the habit of releasing one of his infamous
videos just at the time 9/11 rolls around the corner--and just at the time in which his ramblings may best benefit
George W. Bush.

The timing of his newest video comes as Democrats prepare their fifth and perhaps final attempt to end
Bush's fruitless nation-building of Iraq.

Bin Laden, who is both the founder and--for all practical purposes--the face of al-Qaeda, has chosen this
moment to release a new video; his last videotaped rambling was released only days before America's 2004
presidential election. The timing of that release was thought by many to have aided an increasingly unpopular
George W. Bush into a second White House term.

So this new release, broadcast as America's 9/11 remembrances began in earnest, reveals a schedule too
definite to be a coincidence.

In 2004, bin Laden's sudden re-appearance helped keep the man who was president on 9/11--never mind that
man's lack of ability or common sense--in the White House.  It's therefore no surprise that this time around, he
openly taunts Democrats for being unable to stop Bush's misadventure in Iraq--and also plays right into the
Bush Administration's "compound argument" fallacy, which falsely insists that the Iraq mess and the hunt for al-
Qaeda are one and the same thing.

The reasons of a madman are known only to him; but it's clear that bin Laden rather likes having George W.
Bush as president.

In the last six years, Bush has done two things which has fulfilled two of bin Laden's deepest hopes. First,
Bush has uselessly ground down the best army the world has seen since the days of World War II, in a country
which has nothing to do with the central organization of al-Qaeda; and second, he has allowed the terrorist
faction's top leaders to freely re-group and resume full operations in the hills of the Afghanistan-Pakistan
border, untouched and unscathed.

Perhaps on at least this point, there's a method to bin Laden's madness after all.

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