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It appears that Bush
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Bush Chooses Mukasey To Be New Attorney General

By Cliff Montgomery - Sept. 19th, 2007

George W. Bush has chosen retired New York federal judge Michael Mukasey to be his new attorney general.
If confirmed by the Senate, Mukasey will replace the disastrous Alberto Gonzales.

It appears that Bush somehow has gotten confused and made a good choice in Mukasey. Like Robert Gates,
who replaced the equally disastrous Donald Rumsfeld as defense secretary, Mukasey may become one of a
rare breed among Bush administration officials--a reasonable, competent representative of the American

Mukasey is perhaps best known as an expert in handling terrorist cases, having shuttled many through the
U.S. justice system for over a decade. If confirmed, he would employ those talents as America's chief law
enforcement officer. And as Mukasey already has picked up the support of a number of key Democrats, it
seems that Bush will dodge a contentious confirmation battle.

A New York native, the 66-year-old Mukasey currently serves as a legal adviser to Republican presidential
candidate Rudy Giuliani. If his Senate confirmation goes as expected, Mukasey would take over a Justice
Department currently suffering from low morale and apparent lack of purpose.

From his constitutionally-suspect spying on fellow Americans to his partisan firings of nine federal prosecutors,
previous Attorney General Alberto Gonzales made himself a poster child for the incompetence, hubris, and
outright tyranny of this administration. His tenure only served to humiliate the Justice Department, and severely
wounded the agency's ability to effectively perform its legitimate law enforcement duties.

Such realities had long been recognized by numerous key congresspeople--Republicans and Democrats
alike--who openly questioned Gonzales' abilities and credibility.

The dwindling number of Bush supporters point out that Mukasey, who served as chief judge of the powerful
Manhattan courthouse for six years, by comparison has flawless credentials, is a staunch justice on national
security matters, and would almost surely help restore everyone's confidence in the abilities and intentions of
the Justice Department.

Bush critics have made a point of their own, however. They counter that Mukasey's nomination is probably due
more to George W. Bush's weakened presidency as he limps into the last 15 months of his administration than
to the judge's admitted abilities.

Mukasey has enjoyed a previous endorsement from fellow New Yorker Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The
fact that Sen. Schumer is a leading Democrat is seen by many as proof of Mukasey's broad, bipartisan appeal.

In 2005, the avowedly liberal group Alliance for Justice placed Mukasey on its list of only four justices who, if
picked to sit on the Supreme Court, would probably win the support of both Republicans and Democrats.

A bipartisan official, who is endorsed by a group furthering the cause of liberty and civil rights for all? No,
George Bush
must have made a mistake this time around.

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