Today's Article
Rep. Moran's short,
to-the-point speech
on the issue of U.S.
contractor immunity
in Iraq deserves a
wider hearing.
The American Spark
Virginia Representative Nails Bush on Blackwater Contractors

By Cliff Montgomery - Oct. 1st, 2007

A short, but sweet, speech by Representative James Moran (D-VA) on the issue of U.S. contractor immunity in
Iraq was delivered on Sept. 27th.

The Blackwater fiasco has proven the foolishness of creating a near-blanket immunity for gun-toting
contractors in a war zone. And it is why Moran's pointed speech on this matter deserves a wider hearing:


"Madam Speaker, over the past four years, our troops in Iraq have been supplanted by another army of equal
size--the contracting force. There are as many private contractors in Iraq as U.S. soldiers on the ground.

"Outsourcing our military is cause for concern in and of itself. But the recent uncovering of indiscriminate
hostility toward Iraqi civilians and unprovoked killings by security contractors in Iraq is a siren's warning that
demands immediate attention.

"Blackwater--a company that has reaped over $110 million since January 2006 in U.S. contracts--offers the
most egregious example of what is wrong with our occupation of Iraq.

"Last week, Blackwater security protecting State Department officials, opened fire in a Baghdad
neighborhood. In what appears to be an unprovoked incident, Blackwater guards killed at least 11 innocent
Iraqi civilians and wounded 12 others.

"But because of a decree delivered in 2004 by former Ambassador Paul Bremer--on his last day on the
job--these contractors are granted immunity from Iraqi law and will likely face no charges at home.

"The lack of accountability is anathema to our fundamental principle of justice and exemplifies why the
occupation of Iraq is a failure.

"Congress must not be silent less we become complicit in these acts. The longer we stay in Iraq under the
terms of the current occupation the more these incidents which undermine our international credibility will

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