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If the House bill
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profiteers will pay '$1
million or twice the
gross profits...realized
from fraudulent
The American Spark
House of Representatives Votes To Strengthen Penalties For War

By Cliff Montgomery - Oct 12th, 2007

The House of Representatives on Tuesday overwhelming voted for legislation "to prohibit profiteering and
fraud relating to [U.S.] military action, relief, and reconstruction efforts" in Iraq and elsewhere around the world.

The House bill--H.R.400--was first sponsored by Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D-HI), and introduced into the House
legislative machinery on Jan. 11th, 2007.

Only three representatives voted against the bill and in favor of Big Business at the taxpayers' expense:
Richard Baker of Louisiana, Tom Davis of Virginia, and Michael Rogers of Alabama. All three are

Below we offer the official congressional summary of the bill:

War Profiteering Prevention Act of 2007

"Amends the federal criminal code to prohibit profiteering and fraud involving a contract or the provision of
goods or services in connection with a mission of the U.S. Government overseas.

"Imposes: (1) a fine and/or prison term of up to 20 years for knowingly defrauding the United States or a
provisional authority in connection with such a mission or for materially over-valuing any goods or services with
the intent to defraud; (2) a fine and/or prison term of up to 10 years for falsification or concealment, false
statements, or false documents in connection with such contracts or goods or services.

"Authorizes an additional fine of the greater of $1 million or twice the gross profits or proceeds realized from
fraudulent activities.

"Grants extraterritorial federal jurisdiction over war profiteering and fraud offenses.

"Permits [a] venue for the prosecution of such offenses in any district where any act in furtherance of an
offense took place, or where any party to a contract or provider of goods or services is located.

"Allows criminal forfeiture of property obtained from a war profiteering or fraud offense. Makes war profiteering
and fraud a predicate offense for money laundering and racketeering offenses."

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