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Schwarzenegger Calls For Universal Health Care In
California  - Sept. 2nd, 2007

In America, employers and insurance companies determine the worth of a
human life.
Unionization Benefits The American Economy: Report -
Sept. 4th, 2007

'Over 40 million jobs in the United States--about one in three--[currently] pays
low wages.'
Should Private Contractors Provide Security In Iraq? -
Sept. 5th, 2007

'Some contractors may remain outside the jurisdiction of U.S. courts, civil or
military, for improper conduct in Iraq.'
New Arrest Warrant Issued For Democratic Donor - Sept.
6th, 2007

Democratic Party politicians are stumbling over one another to distance
themselves from their old fundraiser.
Experts Deny Bush Claims Of Violence Drop In Iraq - Sept.
7th, 2007

The U.S. military top brass--who lied to Americans to get us into Iraq--now
appear to be lying to us to keep us there.
National Intelligence Estimate Reveals Bush Lying On Iraq
- Sept. 10th, 2007

Political and security problems in Iraq are primarily driven by Shia and Sunni
insecurities, not by Al-Qaeda, says August NIE.
FBI Building Spy Network of U.S. Informants - Sept. 11th, 2007

Apparently the FBI now is employing Americans to spy on their fellow Americans.
Edwards Offers New War Strategy On 9/11 Anniversary -
Sept. 12th, 2007

John Edwards seems to be the only major presidential candidate who is treating
regular Americans like adults.
Is Bin Laden Working to Keep U.S. Troops In Iraq? - Sept.
13th, 2007

Perhaps on at least this point, there's a method to bin Laden's madness after all.
American Bar Association Works To Reign In Bush
Administration - Sept. 14th, 2007

According to the ABA, the Bush Administration may have abused the 'State
Secrets' privilege 'extensively since Sept. 11, 2001.'
Watchdog Group Says Bush Secrecy Making U.S.
Democracy 'Insecure' - Sept. 16th, 2007

'These practices inhibit democracy and our representative government,' says the
watchdog report.
Bush Playing 'Patriot Game' With General Petraeus - Sept.
17th, 2007

What Petraeus left out of last week's congressional testimony speaks volumes
about what's really going on in Iraq.
Bush Chooses Mukasey To Be New Attorney General - Sept.
19th, 2007

It appears that Bush somehow has gotten confused and made a good choice in
former judge Michael Mukasey.
Who's Watching U.S. Companies In Iraq? - Sept. 20th, 2007

The Blackwater security fiasco is only the most recent chapter in a tale of
apparent White House corruption and hubris in Iraq .
U.S. Judges Slowly Stripping Bush Of His Tyrannical
Powers - Sept. 21st, 2007

It's inspiring to see our judges finally putting a stop to this administration's
destruction of liberty.
VA Understates Delays For Veterans' Medical Care, Says
Gov't Report - September 23rd, 2007

Vets kept on a waiting list for over 30 days included those with amputations or
sufferers of numerous panic attacks.
Does Prison Labor Undercut American Workers and U.S.
Business? - Sept. 24th, 2007

Is the government's use of prison workers creating what's little better than a slave
labor force?
Expert Tells House Committee To Curtail Bush's New Spy
Powers - Sept. 25th, 2007

Thanks to Congress, George W. Bush now may have the authority to destroy
what remains of the Fourth Amendment.
U.S. Snipers 'Baiting' Iraqis, Testify Soldiers  - Sept. 26th, 2007

Is the U.S. Army running a classified program which encourages American snipers
to "bait" Iraqi citizens?
State Department Blocking Probe, Says House Oversight
Chairman - Sept. 27th, 2007

The Bush crowd is getting to be like a one-trick magician who doesn't realize that
everyone has figured out his sleight-of-hand.
Better Price Transparency May Help Lower Health Care
Costs - Sept. 29th, 2007

'The impenetrability of hospital bills is legendary,' thus keeping buyers from
making informed choices, states a gov't report.
Many Wounded Veterans Face Bankruptcy - Sept. 30th, 2007

Both George W. Bush and Congress have often failed to provide the VA with
enough money to cover its veteran health care costs.