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It seems that
ordinary Americans
were given a raw
deal here, too.
The American Spark
Wall Street Bigshots Ran Obama's Auto Task Force

By Cliff Montgomery - Apr. 30th, 2010

No honest person liked the federal government's
corporate bailouts of 2008-2009. But we at
American Spark
feel the special animosity some
people exhibited toward the bailouts of U.S.
automakers had a good deal to do with the fact
that those businesses are highly unionized.

In short, some people became fiercely upset that
taxpayer dollars may have helped union workers--
certainly the idea seemed to make them far more
angry than when our tax dollars were used solely
to bail out the Wall Street bigshots who created
the economic mess.

But if they thought this was some 'union giveaway', they needn't have worried. They'll be happy to know that
ordinary Americans were given a raw deal here, too.

"The General Motors [GM] flameout has been a disaster for blue collar Americans working on assembly lines,"
pointed out the
American News Project (ANP) in June 2009.

"Out of 123,000 GM workers left in North America, 20,000 are scheduled to lose their jobs," added

In other words, at least one of every six workers has been forced to pay for the GM slide, which  was chiefly
brought on by the mismanagement of its corporate bosses.

"Meanwhile, the Auto Task Force appointed by President Obama to oversee the [restructuring] process is led
by Wall Street financiers focused on turning a profit and boosting stock prices," the news service stated.

ANP was a top-notch, independent news source that since has merged with The Huffington Post Investigative

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