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Boston Cop Caught Choking Occupy Protester

By Cliff Montgomery - Apr. 22nd, 2012

Our self-proclaimed ‘protectors’ are cracking...

Take a good look at the following group of photos, which were taken on April 15th, 2012. They were taken by
Paul Weiskel.

The photographs show a Boston Police Department cop, identified as Vaden Scantlebury, apparently
preparing to choke an Occupy Boston protester.

The ‘cop’--or is that, ‘thug’?--then does his best to intimidate a photographer recording these telling moments
for posterity. In the last photo of this series, Scantlebury even appears to getting assistance with this
intimidation from a trusted friend.

The Boston Police are said to be investigating the matter. Don’t expect much there.

But the ACLU also is looking into the incident...which means there’s some chance Scantlebury will actually be
held accountable for his actions.

Readers may discover more on the matter at The Boston Globe.

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