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By Cliff Montgomery - Oct. 26th, 2016

In January of this year, Donald Trump apparently declared he was so popular with his political base that he
might attempt to commit murder in broad daylight and still have a real shot at being president.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” he declared
during a political rally in Iowa.

Guardian newspaper declared Trump’s bizarre statement to simply be another one of “his typically
inflammatory comments.”

To be fair, others knew better. Consider this statement from conservative commentator Glenn Beck, who at
that time endorsed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX):

“There is one thing to have a healthy ego, there is another to give a man who believes those kind of things,
who has a habit of [trying to crush] anyone who stands in his way of destruction ... the full power and scope of
the office of the presidency,” a potential action that would be “something we [would] grow to regret,” stated

Who could have guessed that Americans would hear the political ‘discourse’in their country slide to such
depths that Glenn Beck might become a rare oasis of reason?

Now let’s be honest about a couple of things:

1.) The
Spark of course cannot claim to know whether Trump’s bizarre boasts are any indication of his actual
behavior. If they are, then he would be a man who might murder any man and molest any woman at any time,
simply because he thinks he’s so beloved that the American people would let him get away with these things.

But if these declarations are just empty ‘boasts’ intended to impress, then we at the
Spark must declare that
Donald Trump is simply pathetic - and perhaps even a little crazy.

In either case, the
Spark cannot endorse the political aspirations of such a man.

2.) The
Spark cannot endorse Hillary Clinton, as it’s clear her political notions are as tired and as rotten as a
bad tooth.

So this is the best our political system can deliver - a ‘choice’ between Crazy or Corrupt? What is most striking
is that each candidate is a walking personification of his or her political party, or at least what the two major
parties are at the present moment.

The 2016 presidential election is really no actual choice at all. At this point, it’s not even a political discussion.
It’s a burlesque, a carnival, a traveling sideshow of freaks and sellers of snake-oil.

Thus the
Spark officially endorses a write-in candidate for president. For all its admitted faults, America
routinely produces better and more able people than the two ‘leading political candidates’.

What’s Bernie Sanders doing these days? There’s a man who could make people believe again - and to our
eyes, he’d look quite good in the White House. He’d also make a fine write-in candidate for president.

Or what about Elizabeth Warren - the principled, bad-ass, alternate universe Hillary Clinton? Wouldn’t it be

nice to see a Democrat in the Oval Office who is a woman, smart and ready to fight for Main Street rather
than for Wall Street? Now that would be a welcome change ...

If you’re of a more conservative bent, you might consider joining Glenn Beck and support Ted Cruz. We know,
Cruz has all the personality of a dead lizard; but wouldn’t you rather cast your vote for someone who’s great
est problem is a dearth of personality, rather than give your vote to a man who seems to possess a mind-
breaking overload of it?

And as far as we know, Cruz has no desire to murder or molest anyone ... that has to be deemed a good
character trait.

There is also Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president. She has promised an economy based on the
creation of renewable energy jobs, which she calls the
Green New Deal - a reference to President Franklin D.
Roosevelt’s New Deal, which was instrumental in job creation and the establishment of economic stability for
‘the 99 percent’ after the Great Depression.

You might also consider Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, a former Republican who from 1995
to 2003 served as Governor of New Mexico.

Every one of these people appears to be a better choice for president than the two declared ‘legitimate’
candidates continually pushed onto us by the corporate press.

Maybe this burlesque is just a final proof that the two major U.S. political parties - like the corporate press that
serves to legitimize those parties - have made themselves irrelevant. They clearly are no longer competent.

So maybe it’s time we start thinking and acting for ourselves at the ballot box. Maybe we’ve outgrown the

need for the incompetent ‘sanction’ of our self-appointed saviors. And maybe that’s a good thing.

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