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The Democratic Party
elite want to blame
everyone else for their
problems, when they
have no one to blame
but themselves.
The American Spark
Democrats Have No One But Themselves To Blame

By Cliff Montgomery - Dec. 23rd, 2016

“A politician divides mankind into two classes: tools and enemies.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Everyone is out to destroy Hillary Clinton. Or that’s what she and her supporters are telling themselves. They
have been spending the past several weeks breathlessly coming up with an entire laundry list of villains to
blame for her loss in the 2016 presidential election.

First, they blamed the FBI for announcing - just days before the election - that it was looking into Hillary
Clinton’s questionable use of classified information. Yes, law enforcement officials clearly were wrong to
inform us of possible wrongdoing by
a presidential candidate before we choose to elect that person to the
highest office in the land ...

Then we heard that the news source
WikiLeaks was the criminal in all this, by having the audacity to expose
Hillary Clinton’s actual thoughts, activities and political plans to American voters. How dare that website ruin
by revealing who she really is, they screamed.

Then it was ‘white, rural, racist America’ who caused her loss, bitterly rejecting all that obvious progress made
by women and minorities for the last eight years. A strange argument, since those white rural voters are many
of the same people who put Obama in the White House in 2008 - and since Obama currently enjoys a public
approval rating of well over 50 percent, making him one of the more popular outgoing presidents in recent

Next up was the Electoral College, that admittedly shadowy, ‘Da Vinci Code’-like group comprised almost
entirely of faceless, well-connected political hacks. They also are the only people whose presidential votes
actually count. And since Hillary Clinton did in fact win the (well-intentioned but ultimately meaningless)
popular vote, we can see how this one really hurts.

Let’s face it, this one stinks.

The Democrats have a real point when they say that the Electoral College is an archaic institution, designed
by early lawmakers to ensure that the public has no real say in who becomes president. That ‘curious
institution’ exists only to muzzle and nullify democracy. It should be eliminated from the U.S. Constitution and
from American life.

But Democrats are not saying this because they ache for real democracy. They’re only declaring it now
because they lost the election this year.

And it’s not as if this is the first time Democratic Party leaders have ever heard of the Electoral College. John
F. Kennedy barely won the popular vote against Nixon in 1960, and Bill Clinton won only 43% of the popular
vote in 1992 - yet those Democratic presidents happily claimed their Electoral College landslides were
mandates for real change.

We’ve also heard that “fake news” was the culprit that wrecked Hillary Clinton’s c
ertain rule of the White
House. That argument was pushed until it was revealed that “
A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That
MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs,” according to a report penned by well-known
journalist Glenn Greenwald.

“The most important fact to realize about this new term [‘Fake News’],” declared Greenwald, is that “those who
most loudly denounce Fake News are typically those most aggressively disseminating it.”

Now, it appears that the Russians are the Democratic Party’s newest devils. Apparently the Russians are to
blame for every calamity faced by Americans today - from the thwarting of Hillary Clinton’s destiny as your
rightful ruler to that bald patch growing on the back of your father’s head.

The Clintonites scream that the CIA has brought us proof that the Russians are behind it all, that they
released damaging info on Clinton and thus wrecked her presidential chances. But anyone over the age of 20
can recall any number of previous instances in which the U.S. intelligence community made claims that fell
short of the truth.

Older Americans may recall that the CIA told Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy that the U.S. government
could train and arm a small number of Cuban exiles, help them reach Cuba and smile with pride as that hearty
band spear-headed a quick overthrow of Castro.

Kennedy signed off on the CIA idea, which the agency insisted was a sure-fire plan based on solid evidence.
It evolved into a gross failure which history now calls the Bay of Pigs.

More recently, this reporter and a handful of others were able to reveal that
U.S. intelligence agencies
routinely engaged in a number of self-deceptions and cases of outright fraud to piece together George W.
Bush’s rationale for the 2003 Iraq War.

So the current spate of U.S. intelligence claims regarding Russia probably should be taken with a grain a salt.

What many in the corporate press miss in all this is that the Democrats chose to run the poster child for the
U.S. political status quo, at precisely the moment the public was demanding a relative outsider.

The fact that Hillary Clinton also proved to be the least inspiring presidential candidate since Democrat
Michael Dukakis in 1988 is, likewise, completely ignored.

Of course, the Democratic Party did have someone on its ticket this election cycle who seemed to possess
much of the same charisma that catapulted 2008 candidate Barack Obama into the White House - like
candidate Obama, young voters were especially drawn to his message. This election year, he was often the
presidential candidate filling stadiums with supporters hungry for his every word.

Though he is well-experienced in the ways of Washington, this man is routinely a political outsider - and his
dedication to the American working man and working woman is above reproach. He was rapidly gaining
followers, even in this country’s often conservative Midwest.

But Bernie Sanders is a socialist, and the Democratic Party elite have been securing ties to corporate America
for years. So the Party’s top dogs did what they could to topple Sanders, and instead c
rowned the Democrats’
corporate darling Hillary Clinton as the Party nominee ...

As some wags have stated on social media, the Democratic elite ‘backed the only candidate who could lose a
presidential election to Donald Trump.’

And here we are.

The Democratic Party elite want to blame everyone else for their problems, when they have no one to blame
but themselves.

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