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Our elites only seem
to scream in terror
when the effigy
being desecrated is
that of a wealthy
white man.
The American Spark
Corporate Elites Have One Standard For Griffin, Another For
Trump Supporters

By Cliff Montgomery - May 31st, 2017

    Effigy: A roughly made model of a particular person, made in
    order to be damaged or destroyed as a protest or expression of
    anger. - Google Dictionary

Comedienne and actress Kathy Griffin is receiving a lot of heated attention for performing an act of protest
on an effigy of Donald Trump - an action which essentially is a mirror image of similar acts performed by
Trump supporters on effigies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The apparent message from America’s corporate media? It’s fine to desecrate, mistreat and abuse effigies of
black or female politicians - but it’s a sheer atrocity to do such a thing to an effigy of a wealthy white man.

Was Griffin’s protest tasteless? Perhaps. But if that’s so, then publicly hanging an effigy of Hillary Clinton next
to a well-traveled interstate in Oregon is just as disturbing. A man named Billy Pitner did just that last Septem-
ber during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

    Pitner apparently felt that Clinton was guilty of
    “treason,” and brazenly hung an effigy of
    Clinton from a large crane to express his
    feelings. The Trump supporter dressed the
    effigy in a pink bra and a blonde wig, and next
    to it hung signs which said “Vote Trump,”
    “Uranium One” and “Treason? Ask Her.”

    When local reporters asked Pitner about his
    action, he crowed:

    “I’m allowed to have my feelings, right, wrong
    or indifferent. Here you are. Got your attention
    didn’t it?”

    Uranium One is a company that, according to
    Scopes, controls up to one-fifth of all U.S.
    uranium production. A number of Russian
    business-people became interested in the
    company and bought a controlling interest in
    the firm; then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary
    Clinton approved of the deal. Her Clinton
Foundation also received generous donations from Uranium One’s chairman and others connected to the
company. The donations totaled well over $2 million, according to the
New York Times.

It’s not known what Mr. Pitner thinks of Trump’s Russian ties. Regardless, no one seemed immediately
interested in punishing the Trump supporter for his public hanging of the Hillary Clinton effigy.

“Neither the U.S. Secret Service [nor] the [local Oregon] police department have yet responded to our request
for comment,” stated

    Then last October - just days before the presidential
    election - Trump supporters gleefully provided
    American citizens another tasteful protest via effigy.

    “An effigy depicting Hillary Clinton with a noose
    around her neck dangled above the crowd cheering
    on a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina on
    Wednesday,” declared NBC News.

    “The effigy is just the latest example of the violent
    imagery and anti-Clinton sentiment emerging out of
    the presidential election,” added the news source.

    “Earlier this week, Trump
    supporters took a model of
    Clinton’s head and mounted it
    on a stake,” continued the
    October 2016 report from
    NBC News.

    “A separate poster found in
    the crowd at Virginia Beach
    depicted a bull’s-eye trained
    on the Democratic nominee’s
    face,” stated the news report.

    But when a reporter asked
    the lady at the North Carolina
    rally - Trump supporter Ginger
    Glover -  if she really wanted
    Hillary Clinton killed, she said

“It’s just for effect,” admitted Glover.

And let’s not give readers the impression that Trump supporters and similar right-wing storm-troopers have
wasted all their charm on America’s ladies. Oh no, during the 2016 election they revealed a similar readiness
to use effig
ies of then-President Barack Obama to vent all the pent-up anger that comes with the occasional
dashed expectation of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant privilege.

    And you know what’s best about such
    displays? They in no way remind decent people
    of the lynchings the forefathers of these
    protesters almost certainly employed on black

    So Trump supporters are happy to employ
    violent and intimidating images to express their
    personal feelings, but absolutely refuse to offer
that same freedom to anyone else. But that’s expected. After all, that is always the position of hypocrites.

We at the
American Spark have no problem with people declaring white-hot outrage at the images produced
by Ms. Griffin’s protest. But we do insist that our corporate elites in the media and in the White House apply
the same standard for free expression that they happily employ for Trump supporters.

No double standards, boys and girls. One standard will do just fine.

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