About The American Spark
About the Editor

Editor and publisher Cliff Montgomery is the also the main reporter behind The
American Spark
. He began work in "hard news" after a short stint in the late
1990's as a media consultant for the Sierra Club in Charlotte, NC. He has written
for numerous publications, including the
Washington Spectator,  In These Times
Working For Change. Since August 2000, he has also often worked as east
coast political correspondent for
3 A.M. Magazine.

His May 2003
article for Alternet.org was perhaps the first to reveal the breadth of
falsehood behind the second Iraq War, showing conclusively that the Defense
Department knew years in advance that Iraq's WMD production had ceased by the
early 1990's, and that any remaining chemical weapons were so "badly
deteriorated" as to be completely useless.

Among other recognitions and awards which he has received, his biography
currently appears in Marquis' prestigious
Who's Who in America, as well as its
sister publication
Who's Who in the World, which cite him as one of "the most
accomplished men...from around the globe and across all fields of endeavor."
on the Spark
There's not been a
better time for the plain
truth, told plainly and
honestly by an
The American Spark
                   Our Three Golden Rules                     
Never be like most 'News', which is either bad entertainment or
poor propaganda
A free nation has to know what's true, and what's politics, to
remain free
The solution isn't in more party politics, but in the people themselves
Our Commitment to You

If we can't verify a source or an official report, we'll tell you. If there are facts which
contradict a source or a report, we'll tell you that too. We hold to the credo that
"everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts."

Whether it's the power brokers on Capitol Hill or the big shots in the boardroom,
we'll tell you if they're doing what's best for all of us--and not just for themselves. If
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The American Spark exists for one reason: to serve as a counter to the
Corporate Media, which puts forth the inevitable corporate spin on events
clearly effecting us all.

When the same corporate bosses who give the big campaign contributions to
politicians are also telling you what's "true" and what's "false", they wield a
power no small group should ever hold over the American way of life.