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Millions In Iraq Contracts Earmarked For
'Dummy Vendor' - Posted on 10-09-06

A recent review of Iraq reconstruction efforts determined that
96 contracts totaling $362 million were earmarked for a
mysterious "Dummy Vendor" who did not actually exist
Foreign Companies Take Millions From
U.S. Treasury Each Year - Posted on 10-10-06

How foreign corporate executives and Washington-based
lobbyists are hurting small U.S. business owners.
In Iraq, U.S. Forces Resort To 'Collective
Punishment' - Posted on 10-11-06

According to residents and officials living in Ramadi, Iraq, U.S.
forces have begun to use collective punishment of civilians in
cities across the al-Anbar province west of Baghdad.
Congress Finally Tackles Port Security - Posted
on 10-12-06

It may surprise many Americans, but until now the G.O.P.-run
Congress and White House have done next to nothing to
improve port security.
9/11 Commissioners Speak of Inaction On
Proposals - Posted on 10-13-06

Though Republicans may tout themselves as the party "tough
on terrorists," they've done little to implement programs and
technologies that would make the country safer, according to
the chairmen of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission.
Are Iraqi Forces Behind 'Death Squads'? -
Posted on 10-14-06

Again and again, people in Baghdad are quickly whisked away
by unknown men in police uniforms--sometimes even in police
vehicles--and found dead hours later.
Are We Still Without a 'Federal Crisis
Response'? - Posted on 10-15-06

According to a July speech by a top official at the Department
of Homeland Security (DHS), the agency has yet to ensure that
federal, state, and local departments are working together.
Bush Signs Weakened Port Security
Measure - Posted on 10-16-06

In the end, Congress passed a maritime security bill that
pleased no one.
Loss of Personal Information Widespread in
Government - Posted on 10-17-06

A new report from the House Government Reform Committee
shows that the loss of personal data is a common occurrence
across government.
Are Islamists Real Winners of Iraq
Occupation? - Posted on 10-18-06

Let's ask a simple question:
Why are we in Iraq?
In Electricity, "Market Discipline" Producing
"Rate Shock" - Posted on 10-19-06

A decade after the federal government opened the business of
generating electricity to competition, there are higher rate
increases than ever before.
Former White House Chief Tries To Get
Around Records Law - Posted on 10-20-06

There is an old liar's adage which says, "If you can't argue the
facts, argue the law; if you can't argue the law, talk about
morality; and if you lack even that, pound on the table and call
your opponent every dirty name in the book."
Religious-Right Voters Facing Challenge
From Liberal Chirstians - Posted on 10-21-06

Since the right-wing Christian Coalition began distributing voter
guides in 1992, it has faced little or no competition from liberal
or moderate religious organizations--until now.
Homeland Security Forced To Revise
Terrorist Watch Lists - Posted on 10-22-06

Our 'Terrorist Watch Lists' seem to watching everyone
the terrorists.
Could Election Loss Help Republicans? -
Posted on 10-23-06

If the G.O.P. prepares itself correctly, it could emerge in 2008
as a far more moderate party, one more dedicated to the true
conservative--i.e., "classical liberal"--concepts of liberty put
forward by Thomas Jefferson.
Are Attacks On U.S. Troops to Meant To
Keep Them In Iraq? - Posted on 10-24-06

We must ask ourselves: what is the
real purpose of the current
upswing in violence?
Is Christianity the 'Religion of Revolution'? -
Posted on 10-25-06

Followers of the Social Gospel have had a profound effect on
modern American religious life. Read about the interpretation of
Christianity which formed the values of  Rev. Martin Luther King,
Agency Reports Loss of More Than 1,100
Laptops Over 5 Years - Posted on 10-26-06

A Commerce Department review has discovered that over the last
five years more than a thousand laptops have ended up missing
or stolen, with hundreds containing the personal information of
American citizens.