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Today's Featured Story: Solar Panel Users Sell Excess
Power To Electric Companies, Says GAO - Mar. 19th, 2017

Solar power can be a financial boon to those who employ the
technology at their house or place of business, states the GAO.
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Federal Data On Sexual Violence Unclear And
Inconsistent - Aug. 26th, 2016

The feds collect data on sexual violence, but 'differences across the data
collection efforts...lead to varying estimates of sexual violence,' says the GAO.
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Why Government Spying Is Inherently Bad - Sept. 8th, 2016

A federal court once hinted that the U.S. government's surveillance
procedures were 'deficient on statutory and constitutional grounds.'
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U.S. House Smear Campaign of Edward Snowden
Nothing New - Sept. 24th, 2016

Lawmakers have released such 'reports' before - only for the public to later
discover they’re nothing more than a series of baseless smear campaigns ...
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FDA Public Health Data ‘At An Unnecessary Risk Of
Loss’ - Sept. 30th, 2016

FDA Public Health Data is 'at an elevated and unnecessary risk of
unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, and loss,' stated a GAO
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Donald Trump Video Transcript, Complete and
Unedited - Oct. 14th, 2016

If people wish to crucify a person, they should at least know the reasons for
the crucifixion.
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Vote For The Write-In Candidate Of Your Choice - Oct.
26th, 2016

Maybe it’s time we start thinking and acting for ourselves at the ballot
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Pentagon Not Reporting Many Activities Performed By
Contractors - Oct. 31st, 2016

The Pentagon often provides little evidence of the actions private contractors
perform in its name, states the GAO.
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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Don't Hate Each Other.
At All. - Nov. 8th, 2016

Why should Americans take this hate-filled talk so seriously when the
candidates clearly don’t believe it themselves?
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Congresspeople Working To ‘Relieve’ Bankers Of
Legal Accountability - Nov. 19th, 2016

Conservative members of Congress are working to tear up 'regulations
introduced [after] ... the financial crisis that began in 2007,' states a major
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Who Was Castro? - Understanding What Made Him -
Dec. 6th, 2016

To really understand Fidel Castro, we must understand the role of the U.S. in
shaping Cuba and Castro himself.
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Democrats Have No One But Themselves To Blame - Dec.
23rd, 2016

The Democratic Party elite want to blame everyone else for their problems,
when they have no one to blame but themselves.
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Feds May Lack Necessary Skills To Police Wall Street -
Dec. 31st, 2016

The 'SEC continues to lack assurance that all staff have the necessary skills' to
effectively police Wall Street, according to a recent study.
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Trump May Set Dangerous Precedent With Defense
Secretary Nomination - Jan. 18th, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen retired Marine General James Mattis
to be his Defense Secretary, even though U.S. law forbids the selection.
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Richest 1% Hold More Wealth Than Rest Of World,
Study Reveals - Jan. 28th, 2017

'Far from trickling down, income and wealth are being sucked upwards at an
alarming rate,' points out the Oxfam report.
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Trump’s Ban On Arabs Wrong, Say U.S. Attorneys - Jan.
31st, 2017

'This Executive Order is wrong and should not be defended,' says a bipartisan
group of over 70 former U.S. attorneys.
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Trump May Still Hold An Ill-Defined Authority On Travel
Bans - Feb. 15th, 2017

Trump's presidential power to ban individuals from other countries may
remain uncomfortably large and ill-defined.
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Are U.S., Russia Brewing A New Nuclear Weapons
Standoff? - Feb. 26th, 2017

Some in the U.S. have 'called for the deployment of greater numbers and types
of nuclear weapons in Europe, in response to Russia's continuing aggression in
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